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One time application of the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker

When you’re at home, the sticker remains dormant. Upon arrival abroad, the sticker automatically activates and switches you onto the KnowRoaming network.

Apply the sticker to your SIM
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All sim types

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and mini SIM Cards

Unlocked phones & tablets

iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile phones
iPads and Android tablets
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Does my device need to be unlocked in order to use the KnowRoaming sticker?
Yes, your device needs to be unlocked. If you're not sure if your phone is unlocked, contact your mobile service provider. Information about how to unlock your phone can be found online or by contacting your provider.
What devices are supported?
KnowRoaming supports unlocked GSM phones and tablets:
- Android 4.0+ devices
- iPhone 4S and newer
- Windows Phones
- iPads
- Android Tablets
We do not support CDMA devices (Verizon or Sprint) or BlackBerry devices at this time.
Should you have any questions regarding your device please contact info@knowroaming.com
Will the KnowRoaming sticker work on my SIM card?
The KnowRoaming SIM sticker works on all sized SIM cards including nano, micro and mini (full-sized) SIMs. As long as your GSM device is unlocked, the KnowRoaming product will work.
How does the KnowRoaming sticker work?
The KnowRoaming sticker is an ultra-thin SIM card. When applied to your home SIM card, the KnowRoaming sticker can detect when you are at home or abroad. When abroad, the KnowRoaming Sticker takes over and switches you onto the KnowRoaming network, enabling you to connect to our local partner networks worldwide. After returning home, the KnowRoaming sticker switches you back to your home mobile network and remains dormant. It’s not possible to be on both your home SIM and the KnowRoaming SIM at the same time.
The KnowRoaming App is an account management tool. It allows you to add money to your account, check rates, view your usage, purchase numbers and activate the ReachMe service to receive your home mobile calls abroad.
How do I unlock my device?
Your home cellular service provider can unlock your phone for you. You can find information about your carrier's unlock policies by visiting their website or calling their support line. Or, you can unlock your cell phone with UnlockBase. UnlockBase has provided phone unlocking services for over 10 years for a wide range of popular devices.

Unlocking refers to removing the network restrictions so that the phone can be used with a SIM card from a different network. Phone unlocking is not the same thing as “jailbreaking”. Unlocking simply allows for you to use a different mobile network with your phone. Jailbreaking refers to changing the restrictions, allowing you to download non-standard or unofficial software.
KnowRoaming is a tech company that has figured out how to make your smartphone even smarter when you travel overseas by allowing it to switch to a discounted network provider.
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