17 Haunted Destinations For The Brave Traveller

For those looking to shake things up on their next adventure, October is the perfect month to explore some spooky destinations. The world is host to many spine chilling, jaw dropping sites that will thrill even the most darish devils around! Check out our list of the best haunted destinations by continent…if you dare. Just don’t blame us when you find yourself jumping every time something goes bump in the night.


Photo: atlasobscura.com

The Old Vicarage  * stay the night

Inhabitants of the old house in Borgvattnet have reported a number of sightings, from moving objects to shadows of people, and even a rocking chair that won’t quit rocking. Its origins begin with tortured maids and premature deaths, and it is said that each haunted resident has taken their place eternally in the home. Today it is a bed and breakfast for the curious, and anyone who braves the night receives a diploma!
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Woodchester Mansion  * book a tour

This abandoned gothic mansion is one of the most haunted buildings in the UK. Book an overnight tour to explore all four sinister floors, endless corridors and haunted rooms. With sightings of floating coffins, headless horses, looming shadows and slamming doors, it’s no wonder the mansion was abandoned mid-construction. Along with intense feelings of déjà vu, visitors claim phantoms pull their hair before their cameras mysteriously turn off. 
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Wolfsegg Castle  * book a tour

When the owner of Wolfsegg organized the murder of his adulterous wife, Klara, the fate of the castle and it’s inhabitants were set. Shortly following her demise, the husband and his two sons died suddenly, and it is believed that Klara haunts the castle and all who visit. There are common reports of eerie noises coming from nearby caves at Wolfsegg and sightings of a woman wandering the hallways.
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Hoia Baciu Forest  * book a tour or explore on your own

Forget Dracula’s castle, Transylvania’s truly frightful place for daredevils is the ‘haunted’ forest, Hoia Baciu. The strange ora of the location often creates immense feelings of anxiety and paranoia along with common ghost and UFO sightings. While on a night tour, be sure to take plenty of photographs and search them later for some spooky photobombers.
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Photo: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Dow Hill, Kurseong * stay and explore!

A visit to this notoriously haunted town to witness supernatural activity could include a number of locations including The Victoria Boys High School, death road, and Amarjeet hotel. Flickering lights, a headless boy wandering the road, whispers in the shadows, and a feeling of constantly being watched are some phenomenon that can be expected.
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Lawang Sewu  * explore on your own

Lawang Sewu is a railway building that acted as a World War II prison with harsh treatments and executions. The most haunted place in Indonesia, headless spirits wander the grounds along with a phantom vampire and a Dutch ghost. The building is open 24 hours a day, so ghost chasers can visit at the spookiest of hours.
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Old Diplomat Hotel  * explore on your own

Many consider the Old Diplomat Hotel to be the scariest place in the world. This Spanish retreat turned war camp is known for a variety of paranormal activity including headless monks, ladies in bloody white gowns and the ghosts of Japanese soldiers. While it is no longer a hotel, the ruins can be explored or even booked for events!
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Photo: alcatrazcruises.com

USA (San Francisco)
Alcatraz * book a tour

Alcatraz was a federal prison that housed some of the worst felons in the USA, including Al Capone. As the prison deemed inescapable except by death, tales of torture and abuse surround its name. Before closing in 1963, guards were already reporting strange noises and phenomenon, including a confinement cell that stays inexplicably cold, and Capone’s banjo music echoing through the halls. 
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USA (San Diego)
The Whaley House  * book a tour

According to America’s Most Haunted, the Whaley House is the number one most haunted house in the United States. Built above the execution site of thief Yankee Jim Robinson, the Whaley family was haunted since their arrival at the home in 1857, until their own demise. Visitors to the museum swear to have seen and heard evidence of the Whaley family to this day, with reports of a child wailing and a young woman wandering the halls. 
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USA (Louisiana)
Myrtles Plantation  * book a tour, table or stay the night

While few travellers seek out a restless night at a B&B, ghost hunters are thrilled to discover that their stay is often disrupted by sounds of children playing, footsteps on the stairs, and a grand piano playing the same eerie chord repeatedly until someone enters the room. The plantation even has photographic evidence of both a slave ghost and a young girl. Visit this home on top of a burial ground with 12 rumoured ghosts and see for yourself!
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Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel  * stay the night

Since its completion in 1888, the Fairmont has been associated with haunted activity, as a few guests never truly checked out after visiting. Most famous is the “ghost bride,” who frequently dances around the hotel ballroom. We hate to disappoint the adrenaline junkies out there, but the most haunted room in the hotel (room 873) is unavailable to eliminate chances of the room’s malicious residents traumatizing more guests.
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Photo: slightlyastray.com

Recoleta Cemetery  * book a tour or explore on your own

This beautiful burial ground is home to many spirits, the most famous being Rufina Cambaceres. The 19 year old girl was accidentally buried alive and died trying to escape her tomb. Joining Rufina is Argentina’s most beloved and controversial first lady Eva (Evita) Perón, a couple holding an eternal grudge, and gravedigger David Alleno, who’s jingling keys can still be heard echoing down the stone corridors. 
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Rose Hall Plantation  * book a tour or play some golf

Rose Hall Plantation is home to Jamaica’s most famous ghost, The White Witch. Raised by a nanny who taught witchcraft and voodoo, Annie Palmer killed all three of her husbands and was eventually laid to rest in a crypt at Rose Hall. When the voodoo ritual to keep her evil spirit in her crypt backfired, Annie was sentenced to an afterlife within the mansion. One medium even reportedly became temporarily possessed by her spirit.
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Photo: theculturetrip.com

Gladesville Mental Hospital  * book a tour

This 1830s – 1990’s asylum reportedly performed a variety of torturous violations on patients including shock treatments, burnings, and extreme overcrowding, leading to the burial of upwards of 1,200 bodies in a mass grave beneath the hospital. Now abandoned, the hospital has its fair share of remaining souls lurking the grounds, though most visitors only report the feeling of an eerie presence. 
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Hotel Kurrajong  * stay the night

For a relatively young city, Canberra has already made the list of the most haunted cities in the world. Hotel Kurrajong, in particular, is rumoured to be home of former Prime Minister Ben Chiefly’s ghost, who passed away in room 214. Guests of the room often report to see his ghost wandering the space, although he doesn’t care to interact much.
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South Africa (Cape Town)
Castle of Good Hope * book a tour

As one of Cape Town’s oldest buildings, this plagued 1600s fortress was the site of countless deaths. If the windowless basement and torture chamber isn’t enough to send you running, perhaps a sighting of a ghostly black dog, the wailing “grey lady,” or a greeting from the colony’s deceased First Lady will. 
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South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal)
The Nottingham Road Hotel  * stay the night

For explorers interested in the friendly supernatural, a trip to the Nottingham Road Hotel just might be interrupted with a visit from Charlotte, room 10’s permanent resident who suffered a fatal fall. The gentle ghost commonly rearranges flowers, folds laundry, tidies beds, and even pulls a few harmless pranks on difficult guests.   
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Intrigued? Frightened? Us too! Grab your camera and all the bravery you can muster up, it’s time to explore the most haunted destinations in the world! 

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Happy Halloween!