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Activities To Make The Most Of Family Time At Home

We all love having time at home with family and loved ones, but what do you do when everyone starts getting antsy? Destress and enjoy the company of those you live with by participating in some fun in-home activities!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite fun activities to keep everyone engaged by exploring and learning together.

  • Cook and eat together – Browse your favourite foodie channels and finally try that one recipe that caught your eye! Your household will appreciate an exciting change.
  • Exercise together – Join an online yoga or Zumba session through videos and apps to motivate each other and kickstart a healthy routine.
  • Board Games– It’s time to go old school! Dust off your favourite board game and enjoy it with your family. This nostalgic way to pass time doubles as an excellent tactic for eliminating screen time. To connect with external family and friends, find some online games!
  • Learn something new – The internet is filled with tutorials for every skill! Use YouTube and apps to learn things such as a new language, how to juggle, how to draw, or how to cut hair. 
  • Movie night – Enjoy a night at the movies by ordering a pizza, making some popcorn, and renting a new movie! For a more authentic experience, use a projector for a bigger screen or print off movie tickets.
  • Have a scavenger hunt – Hide colour-coded items around the house and race to see who can find their items first! For younger ones, turn it into a lesson by seeing who can take the most photos of circles or triangles.
  • Throw a “beach party” – If you missed out on your spring vacation, recreate it at home with slushie drinks, wearing your favourite summer clothes and lounging around! Set up yard games like ladder ball and livestream a beach view on your tv.
  • Give to your neighbours – Teach your children the importance of kindness by baking cookies or making cards for your neighbours!
  • Garden – Develop a green thumb and enjoy some time outside by gardening with your family! Not only is it fun to play in the dirt, but the sense of accomplishment once your beautiful flowers or tasty veggies grow will be wonderful!
  • Rearrange the bedrooms – The easiest way to refresh your home without spending a dime is to rearrange your furniture! This encourages a little cleaning beforehand and makes you feel like you’re in a brand new space. Search for some simple DIY home decoration ideas for inspiration!
  • Take a trip… down memory lane – Break out the old home videos or photos for some nostalgia. You and your family will love reminiscing about old times and telling stories.

These unusual circumstances have left us with the wonderful silver lining of getting to spend time with those we love most. We encourage you to embrace this as an opportunity to reconnect and enjoy this time to the fullest!

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