Best Budget Destinations In Europe

Everybody dreams about traveling to Europe, but are sometimes held back by the price tag. If you don’t mind skipping over the major cities like London and Rome, there are actually several destinations on the eastern side of the continent that offer the same historical beauty as the more expensive cities for a fraction of the cost. Check out our list of the best European destinations to visit that are both easy on the eyes and easy on your wallet!    


How to get around

Whether you’re exploring Europe for the first time or more, chances are you’re checking off more than one country on your list during your trip abroad. All the trains, planes and automobiles can be hard to book, especially in a foreign language. That’s why we like the GoEuro app that shows you multiple routes to get from point A to B, including local bus schedules. It even lets you compare prices to make sure it’s within your price point.


How to stay connected

When you’re planning out your trip costs, you don’t want your roaming bill to be the part the most expensive part in your budget. That’s why we’re offering a 1GB data package for 7 days for only $10 USD in Europe. Cheaper than the cost of a cappuccino and sandwich at a cafe only to use the WiFi for the afternoon! Plus it carries over into all the European countries you plan on visiting.  


Best places to stay

Budapest, Hungary

Between its rich history and charming personality, Budapest will make you want to stay forever – which you actually may be able to do! Known as all-round one of the most affordable cities in Europe, this city suits travel budgets of all shapes and sizes. You can take advantage of those lower prices even more with Hotel Tonight. The app snags last minute deals on unsold hotel rooms nearby and lets you book a last-minute stay in 10 seconds right from your smartphone.


Lisbon, Portugal

Unlike other European capital cities, Lisbon is filled with a variety of award winning hostels and guesthouses for as low as 12 euros per night! Although the main road in the Baixa District can be a tourist hotspot lined with luxurious shopping and restaurants, it’s still an ideal location for a homebase so you can be within walking distance of all the action and attractions. But if there isn’t enough room in your bank account for a long visit, you can enjoy this city as a free stopover with TAP Air Portugal so you can see two destinations for the price of one!   


Best places to eat

Prague, Czech Republic

When it comes to cheap eats and drinks, Prague is all about the low prices. For a quick lunch bite, look for a “hospoda”, a typical Czech joint that offers a variety of traditional dishes. Since Czech is also reigned by beer, restaurants will often serve more beer than food for cheaper than a bottle of water! To help you find your next drink, the Pivni Denicek app lets you “Czech” out all the local pubs based on your location, taste and price range so you can celebrate happy hour wherever, whenever.    


Sofia, Bulgaria

Meet every budget traveler’s best friend: Sofia! Recognized as another all-round inexpensive getaway, both the restaurants and street food are very wallet-friendly, made up of fresh and local ingredients. A popular activity for all food fanatics, as well as budget escapaders, is a free food tour of the city! Yes – you read that right! You can indulge in a taste of classic Bulgarian cuisine one bite at a time from the first free daily food tour in Europe. This way you can exhaust your feet from all the walking instead of your credit card!


Best things to do

The Tatras Mountains, Slovakia

Don’t get us wrong, we love strolling along the cobblestone streets that wind through European cities. But sometimes it’s nice to leave both the crowds and the high costs behind and enjoy the natural side of Europe. That’s why we chose the Tatras Mountains for this list, as one of Slovakia’s sources of pride and joy. Surrounded by towering pine forests and snow-capped mountains, this hiking destination is a dream come true for biking, bungee jumping, paragliding and skiing. Get the picture perfect shot of this postcard quality area with our photographing tips!


Tirana, Albania

Tirana’s fun and quirky personality might not grab your attention at first, but its prices will! The beautiful balance between its unique architecture and natural scenery has earned this capital the title of “the next big thing in Eastern Europe”. What’s the best way to learn all about the hype without burning a hole in your pocket? You can enjoy a free walking tour to get the inside scoop from a local for an official welcome to the city.


What are your secrets when it comes to budget travel? Share with us in the comments below!