Best Destinations For A Layover

When you’re planning a trip, why not double the fun by seeing two places instead of just one? Layovers are a great way to stretch your legs after a long flight and discover a new destination that may be completely different from where you’re headed. We’ve rounded up a list of the best cities for a stopover you may want to squeeze into your next holiday.


1. Amsterdam

Only a 15-minute ride to the heart of the city, it’s easy to jump on a train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Centraal Station and explore the beautiful canals flowing through the streets. With stroopwafels to eat and bicycles to rent, you can enjoy a taste of its rich and artistic Dutch heritage in a few hours. This app helps you reserve, locate and pick up bikes around the city.


2. Dubai

Since the Dubai International Airport is connected directly to the city centre via metro, you can hop off the plane and head straight to the Dubai Mall without taking a step outside in the desert heat. Maria the Pilot took her data to new heights in Dubai thanks to our Unlimited Data package. Perfect for your short layover, you can enjoy our 1-day Unlimited Data package right now for only $3.99!


3. Singapore

While Singapore has loads to see including the infamous Gardens by the Bay, we won’t judge if you don’t end up leaving Changi Airport! From a movie theatre to a swimming pool, there’s plenty of things to do to help pass the time. But if you have enough time to venture downtown, you can book a free city tour right at the airport.


4. Porto

As one of the most popular countries to visit this year, TAP Air Portugal wants you to see it – for free! You can either choose to stay in Lisbon or Porto for up to 5 days en route to your final destination. This means 5 extra days of Portuguese cuisine, sandy beaches and of course, wine. How do you say “amazing” in Portuguese?


5. Beijing

Home to the world’s largest airport, Beijing sees millions of travelers pass through each terminal every day. While you may not have time to see everything, you can take advantage of a special 72-hour visa designed for visitors to get out and explore the ancient Asian history including the Forbidden City, Imperial Gardens or even a quick trip to The Great Wall of China.


What are some of your favorite places to stop in for a mini-vacation? Share with us in the comments below!