Connect For Less With Sitewide Sales!

Looking for a special Christmas connection? Now until December 31, 2020, we are celebrating the holiday season with up to 35% off our entire collection of connectivity products and solutions! Take advantage of our biggest sale of the year with something for everyone on your shopping list.

 To make things easy, we’ve made a chart to help you find the perfect gift!

The SnowBird

Constantly migrating to their condo? Gift them a SIM card that they can keep handy for the chilly months!

The Business Traveller 

Their location is always changing at the drop of a hat! Give them instant connectivity on the go with an eSIM.

The Weekender

They never stay in one place, so why should their connection? Gift instant data at their fingertips with eSIM.

The Occasional Vacationer

Once every few years is enough travelling for them! Make sure they are connected with everyone back home with a data plan.

The Backpacker

The less they have to carry, the better. Opt for a global data plan on a SIM sticker, they won’t even know it’s there!

The Budget Traveller

They think trips out thoroughly and plan ahead. Order a SIM sticker for an affordable and easy connectivity solution.

The Homebody 

Whether they’re staying in due to safety regulations, or simply enjoy being at home, a little extra data goes a long way! eSIMs are available for use in a device’s home country. 

Add additional data to any solution with 25% off all 1GB and unlimited data plans, and 35% off all 5GB data plans! 

This is certainly an unusual holiday for us all, and in our attempt to help safely connect as many people as possible this season, we hope that our sale can offer the ease-of-mind that you all deserve to feel when connecting with your loved ones.

Happy holidays, KnowRoamers!