KnowRoaming Rings In The #YearOfRoaming With Free Unlimited Data On NYE

2015 is the year of no more waiting for a WiFi connection to use your phone, no more bill-shock from exorbitant roaming fees and no more time wasted searching for local SIM cards. KnowRoaming allows you to travel smarter this year – and this is a New Year’s resolution that will actually stick!

To kick-off the #YearOfRoaming with a bang, we surprised our customers traveling and using KnowRoaming on New Year’s Eve with 24 hours of free Unlimited Data!

Our Customers were traveling in locations across the globe, celebrating the New Year and using their free Unlimited Data to stay connected.  In total, our customers used over 24 gigabytes of data!

Blogger Jay Strut was blown away by our New Year’s gift, using 700 megabytes of data in just 24 hours and tweeting his excitement to his followers.

While in Thailand, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, and more incredible destinations, KnowRoaming Customers used their free Unlimited Data to share photos of how they rang in 2015 along with their KnowRoaming sticker.

The #YearOfRoaming has just begun. Stay tuned for more surprises and giveaways, coming soon!

The KnowRoaming Team will be at Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES), at booth 75525 in Eureka Park from Jan. 6 – 9. Come meet the team and try a KnowRoaming SIM Sticker!