Make A List And Check It Twice: How To Survive Holiday Travel

Tis the season to be traveling! One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is getting to see family and friends near and far. But between big family dinners to New Year’s celebrations, holiday travel can be exhausting. Stay merry during this festive season and check out what tips we’ve got on our list to help you enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. Consider it our gift to you!


Walk, don’t run

Just when you thought the wave of airport crowds was over, December hits. Since you’ve already got a ton of wish lists to track, the last thing you need is to organize your list of things to remember at the airport as well. TripIt lets you kiss that holiday headache goodbye by telling you exactly when to leave so you can make it to the airport on time based on your location, flight status and local traffic. This way you can spend more time with your loved ones and less waiting in lines!
Pro Tip: Book early morning flights! The first flights scheduled for the day are less likely to be delayed.


Beat Santa to the punch

Let’s face it, the amount of room in Santa’s sleigh is no match for the space in your luggage between all your other travel essentials. That’s why it’s best to ship your gifts ahead of time to not only avoid damaged gifts, but also spending extra time in security inspection lines. Pro tip: make sure to pack fragile gifts in your own small carry-on to put underneath the seat in front of you instead of larger carry-ons that might be considered checked luggage. Save the wrapping work for when you arrive to put under the tree all safe and sound.


Avoid getting sick

No one wants a Kleenex box for Christmas. According to the CDC and the International Society of Travel Medicine, business travelers are more likely to get sick. If you’re flying back home for the holidays, try to book the window or middle seat to avoid bringing the germs on the aisle arm rest to the dinner table. We’ve got more tips and tricks to beat the flu for before, during and after your trip.  


Fight the jet lag

Most holiday vacations don’t last much longer than a few days, which can make it really tough to adjust to time zones. Try to arrive at your destination during the day to minimize your jet lag. Sunlight will actually help your body adjust to your new location, and the fresh air can help get you moving. Not only will it let you maximize your time off, but also the time with whom you want to spend it. Check out more tips for fighting off jet lag, like wearing a smart mask!


Become BFFs with this weather app

Whether you’re escaping the cold to enjoy warmer temperatures or seeking the snow to embrace the holiday spirit, the weather may end up on your naughty list. Plan your holiday party outfits ahead of time accordingly by checking in with Swackett. This app gives you the local forecast through outfit suggestions, activity recommendations and health warnings to keep you prepared for all conditions. This way you won’t get any rain on your holiday parade!


Spread some holiday cheer

With limited vacation days and room in your stomach for all the food at family gatherings, it’s impossible to squeeze everyone in. Luckily with our new low-cost data packages, you can Skype in your relatives who couldn’t make the trip to join the festivities, no matter the distance. Whether you’re celebrating on the beach or cozy at the chalet, our Global SIM Sticker or SIM Card will keep you connected with friends and family all season long. Grab one before you travel for the holidays!


All your holiday travel experiences will make great stories for over dinner once you finally arrive – both the good and the bad. What tips are on your list? Share them with us in the comments below!