Meet The New KnowRoaming App

Meet The New KnowRoaming App

Our app is now smarter and easier to use!

We’ve made some big improvements to your KnowRoaming app that will make it easier for you to find the right data plan to suit your travel needs!

New and improved home screen


Get the best data plans right at your fingertips. With a simplified and easy to use home screen, our data plans have never looked so good.






Find the right plan for you


Data plans are now sorted into specific categories and are organized by region for easy browsing and quick purchases. Find all your data plan details in one spot, so you can choose the right one for you.  




Track your remaining data plan duration and usage



Never again wonder how much time is left on your plan or how much data you have left! Manage your data usage in one spot with our new usage meter.




View and activate under “My Plans”



View all your purchased data plans in one easily accessible spot. Activate your data plan while abroad by navigating to the new “My Plans” section.



It’s time to update and explore.
Get the new KnowRoaming app now!

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