New Year, New Me: Resolutions For Every Travel Enthusiast

As we reach the end of 2019, it’s the perfect time to start planning your New Year’s resolutions for 2020! Here are a few travel-based ideas to start you off:

Start saving for your dream destination

We all say “if we had a million dollars I’d go to …”. Why not start a savings jar to help make that dream a reality! No matter how long it takes, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you get closer to your goal.

Go on at least one solo trip

While it might be intimidating, travelling solo can be one of the best experiences you’ll have in your life. Gone are the days where you have to do what someone else has planned, you will have the freedom to explore at your own pace.

Explore your own country

Most of us who love to travel often forget to take the time to discover the beauty our own country has to offer. Instead of opting for a trip abroad, plan one closer to home. Take advantage of our eSIM data plans to stay connected on the fastest network in your home country!

Explore the country your family is originally from

Dig deep into your heritage and visit the country your family grew up in. You’ll gain a new found appreciation for your culture and maybe learn something new.

Make an effort to travel greener

Although travelling is fun it does impact our planet. Here are some simple ways you can help reduce your carbon footprint so we all can continue enjoying every beautiful country: use a reusable water bottle, take public transit, use a bike, or walk more.

Immerse yourself in your destination’s culture

The best way to enjoy exploring a new destination is actually getting involved and doing a little research beforehand. Try learning the basics of the local language or at least some phrases to help you get by, make friends with the locals to get the inside scoop on the best places, or try to avoid heavily populated tourist attractions and visit hidden gems instead.

Try a different method of travelling

Do you usually travel on a plane? For your next trip try going on a cruise, a road trip, or a train adventure. You may discover your new favourite form of transportation!

Get out of your comfort zone

While sticking to what you are comfortable with may make you happy, try stepping out of your shell to try something you would not do at home. You never know what will come your way.

Spend less

We want you all to travel more and spend less next year so take 50% off our Travel SIM Cards & Travel SIM Stickers, 30% off all our data plans, and enjoy our 1GB 7-day eSIM data plans starting at just $3.50!

No matter where you go or what you do in 2020 we would love for you all to take the time to explore the beauty our planet has to offer. 

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