The Backpacking Buzz: Best Travel Tips

Backpacking in a new country isn’t about being the most experienced traveler or carrying the heaviest bag. It’s all about leaving your schedule behind, hitting the free road and opening yourself to new adventures. Check out our five tips for all types of backpackers below!     

Pack lightly

If you’re an adventure seeker, you don’t want anything weighing you down – literally. Start by laying out the clothes you want to take and then cut them in half. Then take that pile and cut it in half again (seriously). Once you’ve added your other traveling essentials like a microfiber towel, a First Aid kit and an extra pair of socks, test out your backpack by going for a walk to see how it feels. 


Keep in touch with the people you meet

As a solo traveler, your trip may have to come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the new friendships you make along the way have to. FaceTime, call or text the people you meet in each spot using our Global SIM Card or Sticker with coverage in 200+ countries and speedy 4G LTE / 3G connectivity.


Consider Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is an easy way to take your trip off-the-beaten-path and get a taste of the local life – for free! Pro tip: check out the meet-ups and local events hosted in the city you’re visiting. Not only is it a fun way for you and your partner to explore the local community, but also to trade travel tips with other nomads.


Know when to book in advance

One of the best parts of backpacking is being spontaneous and enjoying freedom in every moment. But if you’re exploring a new country during peak travel season or with your backpacking family, it may be worth booking some of your travels in advance. Our friends at share with us tips for booking early vs. last minute.  


Look for discounts

Since most backpacking trips last longer than a couple of weeks, it’s important to budget before and while you’re on-the-go. To all our solo travelers, we recommend researching any museums or major attractions in advance to see if they offer free admission during certain days of the week. You can also show your student ID to see if you can receive a discount.  

Have you ever done a backpacking trip before? Share with us your tips in the comments below!