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Travel Smart For Less

Everybody dreams about travelling the world but not everyone has the means to do so. We believe that with the right timing and planning everyone can stay within their budget while exploring their favourite destination. Below are some handy tips to make your next trip memorable and affordable.  

When to book 

Timing is key if you really want to save money on your trip. We recommend creating google alerts to track flights and hotel discounts to get to know the best deals. Try not to travel during holidays or long weekends as the flights are more expensive. 

Typically, the cheapest months to fly are January, February and September, while the cheapest days are Tuesday or Wednesday. The Farecompare Map can also help you find the cheapest times to book your flight.

Most affordable destinations


You can book your accommodations through cheap alternatives like AirbnbCouchsurfing, or hostels but we found an alternate way you can make money instead… Housesitting! It is a service where you can find various homeowners in need of someone to look after their place that requires minimal upkeep.

Food & site seeing 

Get to know the locals, they will let you know the best places to get food and the best sights to see apart from the heavily populated tourist areas. If the food options are expensive, instead of eating out try to grocery shop and cook yourself.


AVOID TAXIS! Try to enjoy the city by wandering around on foot or save money by purchasing daily public transit passes. Many European cities have daily walking tours and we highly recommend to join them. 


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If you have any more tips on how to save money while travelling let us know in the comments below!