Traveling With Kids: 6 Travel Tips

So you’ve booked your vacation and you’re excited to show your kids the world. We get it —we love kids too! We want to help you enjoy the fun amidst the inevitable chaos so check out our best tips for traveling with kids below. 

1. Get a stroller you can bring on airplanes

You don’t have to be the last ones off the plane anymore. Get going quickly with a stroller that collapses into the size of a backpack.

We hear traveling families debate taking their stroller with them far too often. So we tested this one and its collapsible compact size makes it easy to take with you on packed subways, double-decker buses—anywhere you’re tight on space.

2. Translation cards can save you a night in emergency

Ever had to try and explain Celiac Disease to a chef who didn’t speak your language? Avoid the gluten-filled meal and a night in the bathroom—head straight to ordering translation cards. SelectWisely produces translation cards in 60 different languages for allergies and dietary restrictions. 

3. Find the most addictive games

This is where video games come in handy—keeping kids occupied during a long flight, train or car trip. With a bazillion games in the app store to choose from, we turned to TechRadar’s list of the top games for Android and Apple devices of 2015. The list is constantly being updated with the best games so your kids will never be bored. We won’t judge you if you become addicted too.

If you’re looking for more educational apps, Our Traveling Tribe, a full-time traveling family who homeschool their children, have put together their list of top educational apps for the Kindle part 1 and part 2. 

4. Be Big Brother: track your kids

The number one cause of stress and anxiety for parents is protecting their children and knowing where they are at all times. Throw in a foreign country and their anxieties can be multiplied tenfold.

Thankfully technology can ease these worries and allow you to keep an eye on your kids 24/7 with GPS tracking gadgets. Many of these devices allow you to track your children’s exact whereabouts on your phone and will send you texts and emails if your child ventures outside of your safe zone. Several of these devices require data so it would work well with our KnowRoaming Global SIM Sticker—or get a few for the family. 

5. Traveling alone? There’s a porter for that

If you’ve got more kids than adult hands it’s a good idea to rent a porter from the airport to help you carry your bags. This way you can focus on your real precious cargo. Call up the airport you will be flying out of the day before, or check on their website for prices and details on how to book a porter. 

6. Get purified water from Coke machines

Greg Gundelfinger, our CEO by day and diaper changer by night, has figured out the trick to making formula in the airport. “When you’re traveling with infants and have formula to mix, Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain machines (the ones with 100+ options) have purified water you can get for free!” 

If you have a travel tip that works for your family we’d love to hear it! Share your tips in the comments below.