We Have A New Network To Serve You Better

We recently invested in upgrading our infrastructure to support our growing customer base and improve your KnowRoaming experience while you’re on the road. We are excited about our new network, and here’s what it means for you.


Better quality and reliability

With a bigger network we have more connections around the world to ensure improved performance.

A bigger network also means less congestion. Customers will notice improved voice quality during calls—think clearer tone and no latency (the lag time experienced between when someone speaks on the phone and the time you hear it).


Lower prices

Our new network opens the doors to working with more roaming network partners. This means we’re able to negotiate better rates on behalf of our customers. We will have some exciting new regions to open up to you soon.


Stronger connectivity

We have a network that truly works to your advantage and was designed with you in mind.

Our network infrastructure equipment is more robust and is geared for faster connectivity and better data speeds. Our backend infrastructure has also been improved with consideration for customer patterns. This means we can provide the usage and experience our customers truly want. We know how important staying connected is and we will automatically place you on the best network available in your current country.


More room to grow

A much bigger network means we are able to support a lot more customers and more network partners. We are working to expand our coverage to everywhere where mobile service is available.

Our larger network also allows us to bring traffic from new products and partnerships on this platform. We will be have some related announcements during the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Stay tuned!


As we grow, we continue to be committed to providing our customers with the best connectivity wherever their travels take them. Our new network brings many opportunities for great service and a better experience for you.

Thanks to all of you who have grown with us over the last year. We look forward to providing you with even better connectivity for your future travels!